Elastic Stretch Film, 80 & 90 Gauge

When bundling several items together there is not a more cost effective solution then bundling stretch film. Bundling film, unlike other packaging products, works whether it's hot, cold, greasy, wet, dirty, or fragile. High quality cast bundling stretch film retains its grip clinging to itself without adhesives. Choose from a various gauge thicknesses of residue free bundling stretch wrap that stretches up to 100%, resisting punctures and tears while giving you a tight fit that prevents breakage and shifting. Narrow width bundling film is an economical alternative to Strapping and Tools, Tapes and Dispensers, Poly Tying Twine, or wire. Each case of bundling stretch film comes with a disposable bundling film dispenser that fits the bundling films 2 inch 3 inch or 5 inch rolls. The 3" core fits our Hand-Held Stretch Film Dispensers.