Benefits of OpenID Account
Use Existing Account With Aol Yahoo Google To Shop

OpenID Account

If you have existing account with AOL, Google or Yahoo, Use it throughout bestpolybag to register or sign-in and you get the full benefits of OpenID. Customer Registration uses OpenID, requiring customers to register a store account using their existing Yahoo!, Google, or AOL user ID. Along with registering and signing into their account through a popular, trusted provider, customers can also enjoy the benefit of not having to create and remember an additional user ID and password at

See it Works

When you register a store account using your Yahoo!, Google, or AOL user ID, the provider will display the information being shared, and require you to agree to share this information before continuing with the registration process. A link to the provider's terms of service is also provided for the customer's reference.

Once you've enabled Customer Registration, you can:

  • Register a store account using your existing Yahoo!, Google, or AOL user ID. Since our registration system uses OpenID, you won't have to remember additional user IDs or passwords.
  • Sign into your store account to enjoy a faster, more efficient checkout experience, with stored shipping and billing addresses pre-populated on checkout pages.
  • Access your order information, order history, shipping status and tracking number(s) by signing into your account.
  • Easily re-order items with one click.
  • Update your shipping and billing address(es), and other profile information at any time.

to Your Store Account

When you sign in to your store account to access account information, you will see two account tabs: Order History, and Account Settings:

Order History and Account Settings tab on the My Account page.

The Order History tab displays details of recent orders, and allows a user to view all orders placed since registering an account with us. Older orders may be viewed by clicking the order's corresponding year link (e.g. 2010), or by using the page navigation at the top and bottom of the order history table. The Order History table displays the following information:

  • order number
  • date the order was placed
  • item count (the number of items in the order)
  • items summary
  • the total dollar amount of the order
  • the order's shipping status, and tracking numbers for orders that have been shipped

Customers may also access the reorder function from the Order History table:

The reorder icon on the Order History table.

The reorder function allows customers to place a repeat order in one click.? Learn more about the reorder function.

The Account Settings tab displays the customer's registered user information, including:

  • customer name
  • preferred display name to be used when signed in
  • email address
  • phone number
  • shipping address
  • billing address
  • information collected in custom fields you've created for your registration and customer account pages

Customers may edit their registered user information using the "edit" link on this page.

The edit link on the Account Settings page.