Gusseted Expandable Poly Bags

Gusseted Bags

We offers economy impulse sealer, manual foot-operated and automatic impulse sealer for bag sealing or enclosure. Thermal impulse sealer seals polybag instantly and forms a tight, secure seal on polyethylene and polypropylene materials. Choose from our Impulse Bag Sealers, Heat Sealers, Twist Ties, and Bag Sealing Tape and Bag Sealing Tape Dispensers to help you quickly and securely seal your products in our poly bags.

How to Measure Gusseted Bags
Gusseted Bag

The length and width of gusseted bags are measured just like poly bags,by outside dimensions side to side and form top to bottom.The gusset is measured by its expansion diameter(D).

FOR COVERS: Add approximately 4" to either width(W) or depth(D) for a loose fit. For length(L) add half of depth(D) to actual length.

(W) 46" + 4" = 50"   Size to Order
(D)  49" = 49"          50" x 49" x 75"
(L)  50" + 25" = 75"

FOR AN INNER LINER: Use the same procedure as above for width and dapth. For length,add all of depth(D) to actual length plus 4" to 6" inches for overlapping the ends of liner. Add 10" to 12" if you plan to tie off bag.
(W) 46" + 4" = 50"  Size to Order
(D)  49" = 49"          50" x 49" x 110"
(L)  50" + 49" + 11" = 110"